Broome’s Gateway Pet Policy

At no time will Broome’s Gateway or anyone working for Broome’s Gateway be held responsible for other people’s pets and their actions.
Pets are to be kept on leads at all times, unless in a dedicated dog run area.
People are responsible for the pets and will be held accountable for their actions.
Pets are not to be allowed to chase the wildlife. This includes birds, wallabies, kangaroos and chickens.
Pets are not allowed into the amenities buildings.
Dung from your pets needs to be collected and placed in the bins, firstly in bags you supply or may be provided.
Dog run areas are for all to enjoy. The first person in dog run area has first say in their use of area and if they will accept another pet into the enclosed space. Please clean up after yourself and your pets.
Pet owners know that our pets are our best friends, please respect your own and others.



Responsibility of Pets Owner

  • For the purpose of dog responsibility Broome’s Gateway Park shall be considered as a public space.
  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to have their dog on a lead at all times as specified under the WA Dog Act 1976 – for public areas.
  • At no time will Broome’s Gateway be responsible for any owner’s pet, or any action taken by the owner or their pet and Broome’s Gateway will not be held responsible for not acting against the owners of that pet or to the pet.
  • By staying on this property for cost or no cost you remain as the owner or carer of the dog you bring to this property – totally responsible for its actions and your own.
  • Continuous barking or yelling from the owner will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.
  • Broome’s Gateway reserves the right to ask any person staying to leave because of their action, lack of actions, dog’s behaviour and in the case of dispute between parties, both parties may be asked to leave.

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  • All prices are in AUD and include GST.
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  • Boomgate swipe card is required
  • $10 charge on non returned Boom Gate swipe cards 
  • Min $50 call out fee after hours (without prior arrangement.)
  • Extention of stay/booking is only accepted in person at the Office (not online)
  • Calls to the emergency after hours number relating to guests using generators before 8am or after 8pm will result in guests being asked to leave the park. If you have any issues please come to the office during work hours.

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