What we offer at Broome’s Gateway Caravan Park

Caravan Park

Come and enjoy a peaceful stay out of town in large, spacious and shady sites. You’ll find water on every site, nice trees and a beautiful dog run for your furry friends. Take hot showers in resort style bathrooms and toilets. Free BBQ’s to cook up a storm and enjoy the balmy Broome evenings around our fire pit. Any type of rigs are welcome. More importantly, pets are welcome (please read our pet policy). Select the most suitable site type for your rig or setup and book online.

Check-in is after 11am

  • Boomgate swipe card is required. ($10 charge on non returned Boom Gate swipe cards) 
  •   Min $50 call out fee after hours (without prior arrangement.)


Camp Sites (suitable for tents)

Stay on a large site surrounded by shady trees, wallabies, a variety of bird life, wildlife, and tranquil shady ponds. It’s a great place to stay for that perfect holiday in Broome, Western Australia! Book now in the Camp Sites booking section.

Campsites at Broome's Gateway

 Friendly Team

Our team will make sure your stay is the best possible. We will be available for you any time of the day. Please let us have our lunch break unless it is very important.

How to find Broome's Gateway Caravan Park

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Extra information

  • Caravan sites - book for 1 week, 7th night is FREE when you book online.

  • All prices are in AUD and include GST.
  • No change of discount after arrival.

  • We do not add up discounts.

  • Caravan storage is the same as a booking. (normal price on a normal site).

  • Boomgate swipe card is required
  • $10 charge on non returned Boom Gate swipe cards 
  • Min $50 call out fee after hours (without prior arrangement.)
  • Extention of stay/booking is only accepted in person at the Office (not online)
  • Calls to the emergency after hours number relating to guests using generators before 8am or after 8pm will result in guests being asked to leave the park. If you have any issues please come to the office during work hours.

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* Terms and conditions may apply to special offers and discounts.